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PC World critique
ZDNet critique

Web Site Critiques and Analysis
Subjective reviews of typical pages on popular sites.

Terms used:

Large Blinkers, that usually rotate with each refresh/reload of the page; you've probably learned to ignore these (their click-thru rates are often <1%).

Animated Graphics, aka dancing bologna. Your eye is naturally attracted to moving objects, so having these on your screen sure makes it difficult to read the text. They're also slow to download, since they consist of several different pictures that are quickly rotated in sequence, to give the appearance of motion (duh, talk about stating the obvious).

Usually text, but for multimedia sites this may be graphics or sounds. Also expressed as a rounded-off percentage (%): the Content divided by the ''other stuff.'' Other stuff being: ads, Graphics, navigational and ''related'' links, and page formatting (HTML markup).

Download Time
An approximation of how long it'll take for the entire page to appear in your browser. Based on a 28.8 modem under ideal circumstances, given in minutes and seconds (mm:ss). For a a more realistic time, double this figure. (Mostly valuable for comparisons. If you're on cable, ISDN, xDSL, T1, or some other fast connection, you probably don't care about this figure.)

Small, and sometimes not so small, pictures (GIF's and JPG's).

K (Kilobyte)
1,024 characters, around 2-3 paragraphs. (Outside the computer world, a K is usually 1,000.)

Page Size
Total size, in K, of text, graphics, and HTML markup (as can be seen in most browsers by selecting View/Source on your menu).