Dealing with email spam

spam, def.:

How can you keep your email account spam-free?

  1. Never tell anyone your email address.
    • Whoops, you forget and send a friend a joke, and your friend forwards it to some gal
    • This gal then forwards the email to everyone on her joke list
    • Some joker copies the message (including email addresses) to some website
    • ... and the dreaded spammers snag your address, again
    • So now it's time to change your email account, again.

  2. After receiving some spam, asked to be removed from the list
    • If it's an honest and considerate business, they will immediately remove you from their advertising list.
    • Unfortunately, this lets inconsiderate spammers know they have a valid email address, and can re-use and/or re-sell your address... accomplishing the exact opposite of what you want!

  3. Of course you could make your reply-to addresses contain those clever permutations.
    • Spammers have likely already programmed their spam-collecting programs to decipher the most popular of these.

  4. Get a free email account
    • Use this account when an email address is required by various web sites, especially when you're unsure of their email privacy policies.
    • Or, set up an email "redirector," which means giving potential spammers a disposable email address.
    • Note: some people give false info when signing up for free accounts... gee, I wonder why

  5. Report the spammer to their ISP (Internet Service Provider), or to people who keep track of these things.
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