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Bing Travel . Matrix . SkyScanner . Seat guru (seat widths) . Trip Advisor . Travelocity
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CanaryHop (activities, tours, lessons and experiences) . Gidsy (activities & workshops) . Vayable (unusual activities)
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Bar Chart . Yahoo financeEarth Index (prices for some 40 goods in various countries)
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If you have an unlocked phone, get a SIM card in the country you visit for better rates
Lebara (several European countries) . Italy choices . VoIP.ms (many choices for worldwide phone services) . ekit . Cullular Abroad
US SIM cards: Comparison of 11 plans (2013, depends on your phone) . Order online (from Best Buy)
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Airport codes (2) . Cell phone frequencies (world travel with cell phones, tips for privacy) . Chow hound . Cruise Critic . Currency . Electrical Power Plugs . Fare Compare . Flight tracker . Flyer talk (forums) . Gas Buddy . Gas Price Watch . Gumtree . Hitchwiki (hitchhiker's guide) . Hot Air: pilot blog (on airline security) . Hotel Chatter . Independent Traveler (tips and discounts) . International Travel News (magazine) . ITA (flight but not fare finder, bought by Google?) . Psycho-Geography . Professional Pilots Rumor Network . Restaurant Reviews . Seat Pitch for most airlines . Seat 61 . Site 59 . Smoke Free hotels & restaurants . Theme park insider . Translating~ . Travel FAQ . Travel Etiquette . Travel Hacks . Web cams . Web flyer . Wiki Travel . Wikivoyage . World climates . World 66 . Zip codes
U.S./Int'l Travel: Airplane prohibited items (US) . Transportation Security Administration (TSA) . Travel.State.gov . Confessions of a former TSA screener
Universal packing list
Health: Blood clots & surgery . Jump bags . 72 hours
Phone cards (mostly prepaid): AB Tolls . Calling Cards . Phone cards onsale
Great Small Hotels - spendy . Places to Stay . Trip Advisor
Hospitality Clubs: Couch Surfing (stay on someone's couch) . Educator's B&B travel network
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Currency converter . Rates & Graphs
Credit card conversion fees (scroll down)
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Passport info (US)

Ticket Tips:
  • Start checking ticket prices 6 to 12 weeks in advance
  • Apparently there's a DOT policy which allows for full refunds, within 24 hours of purchase, if the flight is more than a week away. Consolidators can have their own cancellation fees (higher than the ticket price); which makes buying at the airline site a bargain if you have to cancel or change.
  • For international flights, check prices on domestic leg separately
  • For competitive prices, check at airports away from hub cities
  • Complain to airline, get free stuff
  • Land's End - outdoor clothing
  • Microfiber & Duofold:
    • REI duofold and/or MTS
  • REI - sporting, travel, and outdoor clothing & equipment
  • Coolmax shirts, Ex Officio underwear
  • Target - bargain clothing
  • Shoes:
  • Tips:
    • Take neutral (black, gray, khaki, no whites) bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, shoes) which will match almost any (more colorful?) top
    • Take old clothes, and give (or throw) away as you go.
    • Transportation Security Administration - U.S. travel tips
    • Video: How to pack your suitcase
    • After washing, twist clothes in a superabsorbant towel (rayon shammy or similar) to remove extra water
    • Journeywoman: clothing tips for women
  • Soap:
    1. Dr. Bonner's soap (wash clothes, hair, body)
    2. Woolite
    3. Always Forever New
    4. Lush - soap bars
  • Cleansing cloths:
    1. Baby wipes - cheap!
    2. Biore
    3. Oil of Olay
Electrical: Emergencies: Luggage:
  • Carry-on bag size:
    • 18"x13"x7.5" (1755 in3, 29 L) is a conservative (underseat) carry-on size
    • 22"x14"x9" (2772 in3, 45 L) is a typical maximum allowed (overhead bin) carry-on
    • Typical weight limits are 15 to 40 pounds (enforcement varies), but can range from 11 to 70 pounds
    • Airlines differ in their maximum allowed carry-on size. See: Guide 4 Home, Luggage Man, Travel Insider
    • Many airlines list 45" as the maximum carry-on size, this is calculated by adding the length, width, and height (e.g. 22" + 14" + 9" = 45"), although odd-shaped bags that fit within the 45" may be rejected (e.g. if they won't fit overhead bins).
    • Unfortunately it's probably best to check your airline(s) before each trip for current size requirements.
  • One Bag - tips on choosing a bag
  • Timbuk2: Aviator, Wingman
  • Backpack gear test
  • eBags
  • Lost, delayed, & damaged luggage
  • Travelite FAQ: carry-on tips (sporadic updates)
  • Passenger rights for lost luggage
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